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Summer School

KVA Summer School will be held the weeks of July 4 through to August 11.  Four days per week, mornings from 9am until 12pm.  Week 1 will be Tuesday to Friday and all remaining weeks will be Monday to Thursday.

The Course/Content Offerings are dependent on enrollment.  Available is any grade 7-12, Nova Scotia Department of Education course. Advanced Placement courses are available, but the exam is not offered until May 2018 (no exceptions).

Any directed study (program not currently within provincial curriculum) may be arranged, but please consult KVA admin to request this program. Any requests for other arrangements will be approved on an individual basis.

Costs: $150 per week. One may attend either a specific week or the entire summer program.  (Cannot be reduced to a drop-in day program.)

Further costs may be associated with summer school (i.e., specific text books for SAT prep, AP courses, in some cases advanced high school courses, and materials.

Any student currently enrolled in a performing arts, athletics, ... program and desires academics as well this summer, please contact KVA administration directly.

King's View Academy is accredited with NS Dept of Education and courses completed in our summer school are transferable to other schools.

Do not hesitate to contact Ms. Otero or Dr. MacDonald with any questions.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call: (902) 429-5434                                                                                       

First Place Winner!

In 2016, Faye Hiscock was chosen as first place winner for Dramatic Performance (Elizabethan and Jacobean) of the Magnum Opus Festival's Drama Competition. The Winner's Showcase was held on Feb. 16, 2016 in the bright lights of New York City's world famous Carnegie Hall!

Queen's Commonwealth Essay Contest Award

Faye Hiscock attended a ceremony on Friday to celebrate the winners of the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Contest sponsored by Cambridge University. She won the Bronze Medal in the Senior Division, making her the first NS Student to receive a Senior award. The other NS recipient, from Armbrae Academy, was a Junior Division winner.