Our home: the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design building at 1649 Brunswick Street, Suite # 101, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2G3, CANADA

A Private University Preparatory School

Welcome to the King's View Academy website! KVA is a private, grades 7-12, university preparatory school that provides independent programs and flexible scheduling and fosters self-direction and independence in all of its students.  Please take a moment to look around and learn how we provide a truly student-centered, university-preparatory program for our students.

The 2017 - 2018 School Year is Well Underway!

King's View Academy regular school year started Tuesday, September 5.  We are currently and continuously accepting applications for new students.  The application fee is $120 and the form can be found on the ADMISSIONS page of this website.

About King's View Academy's regular program

Please take a few moments to read through our website and find out about our approach to education.  In a nutshell, students are given the freedom to choose their daily schedule and their daily academic efforts. At the same time, students are aware of the outcomes for each course they take, and they are aware of the normal progress through these outcomes across the school year to achieve 100% in each course.  It requires discipline, organization, and maturity: all of the traits of a student prepared for university.  The staff at King's View Academy constantly support the development of these traits, every day.

School is not only about curriculum and being exposed to the content of each course.  School is a place where students grow and learn to learn, in preparation for the next stage of life.  King's View Academy puts the focus of all activities, and the responsibility of all staff, first and foremost, on the learning that individual students do.  Everything at King's View Academy builds upon individual student learning.

Our current staff includes Dr. Derek MacDonald as the new Principal and Mathematics teacher; Mr Paul Lenarczyk as Vice-Principal and English/Social Studies teacher; Dr. Steve Taylor as Science teacher; Mr. Patrick Burgomaster as Art and Music Teacher; Ms. Crystal MacDonald as Yoga teacher; Hannah Daltrop as Global Geography teacher; and Claire Henderson as French teacher.  Ms. Rina Otero remains as Headmistress Emeritus.

We are still located at 1649 Brunswick St. suite 101 but our space has been reorganized to support different types of activities concurrently: discussion and debate, presentation, individual student work, small and medium sized group work.  No matter what is going on at King's View Academy, be it Yoga or Drama or Art class, there is always a place suitable for students to work independently or in groups.

If your goal is learning, not just curricular outcomes but learning to be organized, to set and work toward goals, and to learn effectively, then perhaps King's View Academy is the place for you.

If you are intrigued, please come by to take a look at the school and talk to us about our program.

Student and Staff Handbooks 2017-2018